RIP iPhone

I wish I had some fun story to go along with it but I was at home on the couch just waiting for M to call. And then it happened, the 3G went to iPhone heaven. My phone has been a trusty phone over the last couple of years but last night, it drowned itself. Yep, seriously drowned in a glass of water, as it was dying it allowed me one last call (so kind). So first thing today I up and went down and got myself a new friend.
I am  going to call her Tabitha, and of course she is a girl because I went white, after the first phone being black and the ipod being black I decided to make the change. So iPhone 5 when you come out, suck it, 4 is way better (I was waiting for the 5 so the death of my first one, sad day).

That's all, except I am still waiting for M to come home, now it is supposed to be Friday, we'll see.

Hope your Fourth was fantastic and stayed cool.

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Kristin said...

We match! I have the polka dot cover too!