Thank goodness this week is over! Seriously I am amazed that someone or many someones are still alive. This week seemed to go on forever! Or maybe that is because last week ran into this week since I worked last weekend. Ah crap and literally just got the phone call M's G-ma passed today. I know things could be worse it just seems that everything piles on top of one another at the same time.

So in order to pick up my spirits I am going to rehash my wonderful photographer Candice at Serendipity Studios. Oh so many pretty's.

Remember wayyyyy back when I gave you a tiny tiny peak of the shoes, and then I shared some pictures here and here. But here they are in their full glory. I love you Louboutin.
All the details from the day, seriously some of the most rocking pictures are those that remind me of all the little stuff.

Me and the sisters.
Love both of these
Pretty sure we should be in a magazine.
All photos above from Serendipity Studios and my lady Candice.

Here are a few more from my sister during the wedding. This one pretty much resembles my life, purple teeth :)
Oh the car. What they didn't know was it was going to pour rain the next day and wash it all away.

Hope everyeones weekend are going well. Here is to hopefully having a little slower week.

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Kristin said...

Loving all these pics. I just love your color palette lady!