Happy Fourth of July!

Hello hello. So excited the long weekend has just started. Technically we had a company holiday today as well but due to it being the first day of a quarter close that so did not happen for me. So I am about to get this party started. 1 minor thing, I am doing it minus this guy
From the day we got engaged, over a year and a half ago!
Yeah he is stuck in Canada this weekend working. I love it when their company creates a good product some plant spends millions of dollars buying it and having it installed and then pay somebody pennies to oversea the use of it. Really don't you know the product has to be maintained!??!!!

So while I am off pouting he is missing out on a weekend full of things he loves the best, BBQ and friends. I am off to sulk now, have a great Fourth of July!

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Kristin said...

Sorry you can't be with your hubs today! I hope you have a fun day anyway!