Party time, excellent

Oh thank goodness for Fridays (even though I have to work this weekend, at least it is at home).

M got back last night from his trip and apparently will not be heading out on anymore, I would not be surprised if that changes come Monday. So he took today off and guess what he is doing, yep jumping out of the plane. I found this picture picture on Bay Area Skydiving's photo gallery.  See those yellow legs and orange shirt. Thats my boy jumping to his life content.

So he is back from Texarkana and tomorrow morning.  I am getting me some of these. Hello luvr, delish!

(image via google images)

It probably has something to do with the fact that the word cake is in them but pancakes I could eat breakfast lunch and dinner, with a side of hash browns. I cannot wait for tomorrow!

Also happening tomorrow, our bedstands are arriving! Between 10:30 and 12:30 tomorrow I will be patiently waiting for the truck from Room and Board to arrive with our bed stands. We still have to wait on the bed frame, but it is supposed to be here by the end of the month.

Saturday night, a friends b-day watching some Diamond Dave. Who is he you ask? Just the most super cool dude ever. Seriously check out his website, I am thinking, hmmmm maybe wedding material?

Well hope everyones weekend is lovely. I will be here till the CFO decides he is finally done with what he needs to give me and then I can start my work. Booooo

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bananas. said...

happy weekend!!! (even though it's almost over, boo...)

hope you're enjoying your time with M.