Can I ask all you students out there, how does this help your cause?
(source: sfgate.com)
Trust me I get it, I was a student once too. But shutting down a major Bay Area freeway, not cool. I get it, I am sympathetic, my sister is a third year teacher and losing her job, but when you become stupid. Hey buddy there in handcuffs, guess what? the budget for your tuition, walking right next to you in riot gear. After living in the city for a number of years and working here, I have a distaste for rioters, between listening to them while I am working or not being able to take the bus home because of hundreds of peoples on their bikes. No I don't agree with you I am taking public transit, "being green" and stuck, yah thanks so much.

Alright, thats done, moving along now that all the streets and freeways in the Bay Area are now free from people...

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