Tooodaalooos mother fs!

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series
It is Friday and I am in love with that! Seriously one of the longest weeks ever! Thank goodness I have a couple short weeks in front of me.

I just came across the coolest website ever! Knock Off Wood, check here out here. So cool and especially since some of the furniture built there is stuff I had been looking at but not wanting to drop the moolah on.

I love this boy, he has been ever so great in this craptastic week that I have had.

So tonight I am off to Tahoe for my sisters bachlorette this weekend, already dreaming of being back in my own bed Sunday night. Except that M will be gone when I get back for another work trip. Excited for next week though. Friday off and Saturday it is a bubbly tour through Napa! Yea bubbles!!!

Have a great weekend and see you all when I return.

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bananas. said...

have fun in tahoe!!! i'll be in oaktown getting gangsta! what what!