It's alive!

That would be me. Well at least for the short period between the end of year end and the beginning of Q1. So today at work, major brain freeze and I spent the day reacquainting   myself with all the lovely bloggers I follow since last week sucked my butt. And guess what Wednesday cannot come soon enough! We are leaving the office about 11:30 for lunch and then you better believe you will find my co-workers and I here:
Yep we will be on Front Street in "front" of Harrington's and the Royal Exchange drinking plenty of my favorites. It probably will be my favorite work day ever! So if you need me on Wednesday you will find me at the corner of Front and Sacramento in SF, anyone in the area come on down! And see if you can find me, if not we could of moved along to the Irish Bank since my boss has a hard time staying in one place once he starts drinking. Oh and since our favorite Miller Lite lover is abstaining from beer, I will make sure I drink her share. Cheers to St. Patrick's Day!


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i'm drinking too! lots. lol.

bananas. said...

me three! happy st. patrick's day!!!