Its all in the details

I bought my wedding shoes! They are beautiful and fun and of course Louboutin. Here is a picture.
Yep, and that is all you get to see.  I am keeping these babies under wrap. The yellow box, a new pair of Fendis, ohhhhh so beautiful and super sale from Barneys! Stay tuned for those in the future. Tooddddelssss. I am out of here. How is that for a day? 9-3 with a 2 hour break. Yeah that's how nice/depressing it is around here these days (I am the only one here).


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

you are teasing us. ME! i cannot wait to see them!

Valerie said...

Oh wow. I must see them!!! Are they nude pumps by any chance??? Haha. The suspense is killing me!


Alicia said...

OOH how exciting!!! I hope to walk down the isle in some fun shoes too! :) yay!!!

Holly said...

WOMAN! open the box!!!!