Almost there..

In a short 4 and half months I will be here:

I serioulsy cannot wait. M and I finally booked our honeymoon. Ten days of being e-mail-less, cell phone-less and just time with the new hubs. Hmmm I wonder if I will kill him, I kid I kid.

We still have numerous "checklist" items to take care of and various activities (catholic P.R.E.P weekend, pre-marital counsling, bridal shower and of course the bachlor and bachlorette parties!) But now that the honeymoon is actually booked I am starting to get excited. I can NOT wait.

Has anyone done Punta Cana before and have any suggestions?


Holly said...

ahhhhh-some!! yes i have a feeling booking the honeymoon will be super thrilling.

sorry no advice for where you're going, but i think as long as you have a beach and a margarita, you're set!!

Kristin said...

You have no idea how jealous I am! I want a honeymoon redo. HAHA