Sunday bloody Sunday

Whewww... was yesterday a whirlwind. Yeah sure it took me a while to get out of bed but when I did I found this mess.
Marcel has gotten up before me and destroyed our house. Not in a literal sense but my M had pulled out the boxes and started the process and then decided to move on to the project of the ceiling fan in our bedroom. I love my guy to death but holy moly does he has ADD.

At the end of the day it all ended up cleaned up and we ended up with a brand new spankin ceiling fan with an overhead light! Yeah I do not understand why houses were not built with overhead lighting? Seriously?!?!?! So we my boy toy put up our light this weekend with a ceiling fan. I cannot wait to use it once the weather gets warm. Although I would just prefer it to stay like this.  I know I know blah blah blah, but I like the cold weather. So check it out, our new fan/light. Plus it has a remote that we could put right near the bed so there is no having to fight over who has to get up to turn it off.  Once we figure out actual room settings it could move.
So much to do still to do in our room, like paint, but first thing comes first and that is the living room. The picture above at least the garland is hiding the wires and the tree is hiding where a shelf has been ripped off, and the paint is still gross from the previous owners, so that room comes first! Crossing fingers still that the wires will be done for my birthday.

I also worked on organizing our linen closet this weekend.  Not to much progress yet but at least I  know whats in there now. Now for the long week (since the previous two were short).  Here is to a great 2011. I cannot believe I am getting married this year!!!!

Oh yeah New Years was ok but nothing exciting, pretty standard. Cheers to the work week.


Holly said...

ha, im like your fiance, and will start a million projects at once! eep.

and i cant believe clarissa's is your aunts' store!! i think it was kathy that helped me when i went in, she was soooo nice!

Kristin said...

Can he come over to my house now?