Organizational void

Arrrgghhhh the animals are driving me crazy! I swear they know they outnumber me right now. M is out of town for two nights and they are walking all over me, and I am the strict one. Ohhhh how I worry how I will deal with kids one day.

Moving along, so I started with the linen closet this weekend and the first thing was to get the stuff out of there that did not belong in there. Next I noticed that there are certain things in bags that to me cause a little clutter so how do i fix it, enter the empty jars that was also in the closet, spiff it up and there you go.
A cuter better way to store my cotton balls and another to figure out something to put in.  Now if I can just finish the closet, but i have a feeling that is a long way off... Any hints, tricks or anything to help with a linen closet that a fiance goes in and just throws stuff around in there? Any help is appreciated!

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