New "Traditions"

So yesterday I bought this box:

Well the box will say our last name and so forth. M and I were not fans of the sand deal and found out from our priest that the unity candle had no tradition significance, so we decided to do something that would be a little more "us".  And what do we love almost as much as each other (I know gag right), we love wine. So we are going to go with this new trend people are doing and sealing up two letters, a bottle of wine, and anything else we would like to see in 5 or ten years. For full details check out this website which talks about it.

In other news M ordered the cables for the TV so we (him) can crack open the wall to hide it all and then we can paint the living room. then next will be painting the bedroom so since the bedroom will finally be painted I have been looking around for decorating items and I am obsessed with the mirror behind the table lamps idea. Something along the lines of these:
reblogged from desiretoinspire.net, originally Nichloas Haslam

Since we have non-matching bedside tables (we decided to go that route rather than matchy matchy) I want to match the table lamps and mirrors on the sides (or maybe just the mirrors) eh who knows.
Now I just have to find mirrors and lamps that I like.  Shouldn't be to hard, who am I kidding, it is a pain in the arse.

Eeeeeeeeee just found out good friends of ours closed on their house! They are moving closer to us! Woohoo.

So I should get back to work now.... Opps Happy Thursday.

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