Working it

Three day weekends should be mandatory every weekend. I am finally able to catch up on laundry, today M and I are going to look at wedding bands, I am getting back into the working out thing (even though today is a day off because of how sore I am). And today i am getting a massage! Oh I cannot wait it has been so long since I have had one. I also stopped by JoAnns to pick up a couple things for some more projects. So house projects. During my blogging break I worked on many different projects. Remember this teal garden stool? Well now it looks much more like this:
I also finally made the bench for our outdoor patio set.
You see those pillows on the bench yep made those too.  I was tired of trying to find outside patio pillows in colors and patterns I wanted so I took matters into my own hands. With these pillows I learned how to add zippers too so I was able to add pillow inserts (made from old pillow cases) so that I can wash the pillows when needed.

Can you tell our color for outside is green? The next big house project, painting our bedroom.  Since M installed the ceiling fan and repaired the wall that our lovely Chloe decided to chew up we have some painting to do. Which we knew we would always do it was just a matter of timing since we knew we would be cutting into the wall.

Now off to finish the fireplace screen... and putting laundry away. Here is to three day weekends!


Sarah said...

Great colors and love the garden stool.

Holly said...

love the stool.

green is the perf backyard color!