This weekend definitely started out on the wrong foot.  I had to work Saturday (it is that time of the quarter, blaaghhh) and I was driving to work and I was almost there and I realized I forgot my badge to get in. So I had to turn around go home and get it, add 2 hours on to my day. I also had to head up to the north bay after for my old bosses 30th birthday.

So on to my actual weekend of today.  I had a busy one.  My mission was to at least clean up the closet. This has been my closet since M and I moved in a couple weeks ago. It has been a mess and frustrates me daily when I am trying to find something to wear.  These pictures were a little disturbing as it finally was sinking in what a mess it was. So I ran errands, did the grocery store and of course my once a week Target run (M said I need a Target intervention). So I off I went to run errands pick up some stuff to try to get me organized.

Of course while running my errands what did I have to wear? My Louboutin shirt of course. (Bathroom photo shoot a la oofa) During my trip running around I decided to run into one of my favorite shoes stores, Foot Candy, and tried on the Louboutin Bianca.  I wish I wish I wish they had it in my size because had they I would be sporting some new gorgeous pumps! But then again I guess they didn't have them for a reason.  So I was wearing the shirt in Foot Candy and they loved my shirt, totally raved about it. Ahh thanks to Miss Liz.

So off I went back home to tackle the closet.  Took forever and I couldn't find my iPod to rock out to some music so that was a little boring. But here is the end result.  Well at least the closet is finally tackled and we can move on to the living room and get that under control because it seriously out of order.  Pictures will not even be had of that because well, its really embarrasing. As for and offer on a house last weekend, another denial, offer number 3 and increasing. Ugghhh

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


Elizabeth Marie said...

I need a Target intervention too...I wonder if there's a rehab for people like us?!

YAY the shirt! LOVE IT! And nice closet lady, you are inspiring me darn you, mine is a HOT MESS.

FabBlab said...

Omg totally inspired to go clean up.