$400K anyone?

Meaning does anyone have that laying around to loan me? Serious house hunting issues. Every time a great one pops up on the market it is snagged up by someone with a cash offer. Seriously who are these people with $400K just lying around? And if you know them can you introduce me. I lost probably what was the best house ever to someone with all cash (insert curse words here). The best part about it, M was going to get a massive man room out of it. I mean it was huge, large enough to turn into a granny flat (with bedroom, bathroom, separate living space and kitchen, I mean fo' reals) and it was going to be allllll his.

So last night I went and checked out some places and found a great one, it was further out then we would prefer but it was great and it had 8,000 sq feet of RV parking. I mean perfect right then M could build the man cave to his specifications with space to do his home brewing and space for him to watch ESPN all day long.

So my attention span changing from house to man cave I googled man cave and got this definition fom the Official Man Cave website (first off I cannot believe they have their own website, AND show):

man cave n. A dedicated area of a house, such as a basement, workshop, or garage, where a man can be alone or socialize with his friends.

So I digress, house hunting sucks and I am tired of looking and M is in China so it sucks even more because he is apprehensive (even though he said well if you like it then I will). I am pretty sure I will be having one of these later:

Either that or some serious amounts of bubbly.

And I didn't forget... I received my first blog award! YEA!

I received this award from the lovely lady over at K. Law.  I have been following before I decided to join this little world of blogging. And this I bestow to other ladies I have followed since before the beginning:
Miss Unbeweavable (we share a passion for the red soles)
My favorite Banana (we also love our red soles as well as beer) - in fact I bestow this to all Louboutin and beer lovers!
and of course Kelly who always has something fabulous to show off! (Those cakes today, gasp).

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


Elizabeth Marie said...

Ohhh house hunting is tricky!! I rarely have 100 in cash so I'm shit outta luck when my turn comes haha!

AWWW thank you! YES LADY the red soles are where it's at. Hmm maybe I should stop buying the red soles and then have a home one day? Nahhhhh...

Oh and gotta give a shout out to banana and kelly...both my besties, bloglove fest 2010!

Happy friday girl! I'm so excited to not have pneumonia... :)

KLaw said...

Ugh! We dealt with that sh*t too when we were buying. So annoying right?

Hope you have a great weekend!

bananas. said...

oh gawd...house hunting BLOWSSSS!!! i went through the drama last year and let's just say i won't be buying another house anytime soon. but here's hoping YOU DO :)

thanks for the awardyward. you're such a sweetheart and here i thought i lost your forever after yesterday's post.

ps. those are some awesome blogs you posted and that includes yours!

Julia said...

Just found your blog... :)

Listen up! House hunting is absurd. I am in the process of selling a house that my bf and I flipped (and I live in). At the moment, the closing date is Nov. 20th. And I have not even started looking for a place to live. I'm a little nervous, to say the least.

Anywhoo...what is that delicious looking treat that you pictured in this post, and where can I get it???

Kristin said...

Wow, all my favorite ladies in one post. : )