unpolished silver

Exactly how I feel today, like dull unpolished silver, nothing fantastic.  Work is insanely busy, the apartment is still a mess cause well, M does not care to put anything of his away (ggrr). Seriously being "home" just makes me anxious because it is such a mess. This whole house hunting thing needs to be done so I can go back to stressing about the CPA exam and  how to do it since I am now doing 2 peoples jobs. 

Oh how I wish the CPA would be done and I did wayyyy less partying cause now all I do is think about regretting all the debt I had racked up, bu then again I do not regret a single memory I have from those times. So as much as I say I should have done better for my future and prepared myself better and put the CPA behind me and not spent so much on rent, shoes, wine, eating out, taking taxis instead of the bus, the list goes on and on.  I truly cherished the times I had and have an amazing love for San Francisco. Some people love the mountains or the beach, to me the city is and amazing beautiful sight. I do miss all my fantastic care free days, but do I regret moving out of the city? I have not figured that out yet...

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


bananas. said...

i'm totally with you...LOVE the city life. LOVE IT! the beach is nice...relaxation is cool...but i much rather prefer the hecticness of the city :)

i think you should wear your new loubies. i bet you you won't feel so unpolished in those.

now think of that mask shop. i need one ASAP!

Tiffany said...

exams. debt. significant others who don't put their shiz away. story of my life...at least you have fantastic new shoes!

new follower!

Annie said...

sorry to hear you are feeling this way hun.
i also have some debt from having fun in the past but i don't regret any of it.
you have some fabulous new shoes to be proud of!
i'll probably never own a pair of those in my lifetime ;)
oh and my fiance has that exact same problem about cleaning up after himself. he doesn't do it! i'm used to it after 3 years, it's just easier for me to clean up after him ;)
hope you have a great weekend sweets!!

Kristin said...

I was in that spot a couple years ago. Too much shopping. Ah ha. I buckled down when we decided to buy a house. I'm so much better now, but still get the urges for serious retail therapy. : )