Fro-yo Friday

So today is just not moving fast enough, the clock keeps telling me we are within the 1 o'clock hour, SERIOUSL??? How long does it take to 2 marks the spot!?!? Seriously loooonnngggesstt week ever. Could have to do with the fact we are still trying to put stuff away from the move, we still cannot find the charger to my camera or my favorite at this moment necklace and we have no internet or cable at home.  This means that going home frazzles me, I still cannot check out the ridiculous photos from last weekends Oktoberfest celebration (still to be determined if they will be shared), I cannot read/comment on all the lovely blogs out there and I did not get to see Grey's last night or Gossip Girl on Monday. Seriously sad week.

Ahhh finally it hit 2! But that was after I went and picked up my favorite fro-yo from Ambrosia. I have to say I have been in a funk since about lunchtime and that is definitely a pick-you-up. And now that it is finally 2 and there are only 3 more hours left of this long week I can start looking forward to tonights Oktoberfest! Hip hip hurray for beer!

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel

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Kristin said...

Sometimes you need a little pick me up. A 'bucks PSL usually does it for me. : )