Happy 1 year pre-versarry to me

One year from today I will be going to the chapel, and were gonna get married. I know this next year is going to fly by and all of a sudden I am going to be standing in front of a priest saying I do. Which for me a couple years ago was totally not even on my radar. But, M came along and swept me off my feet supplied me with enough booze and home brew to keep this girl passed out. Just kidding, I love my man and it is just nice that a nice cold beer awaits me when I get home. So with this being the year until date we need to step up and start getting some things checked off our list. One of the items our attire.

Anyone who knows me my our wedding is not about the dress, I have actually looked into maybe borrowing a dress or buying used because for me I don't really feel like putting money into it. Now shoes, that is a TOTALLY different story. Of course I want the red sole, and I also want them to scream, look at how hot we are (we being the pair). I will not be the bride looking for the "Oh you look so beautiful" comment, I want the "OMG your shoes!" comment. So the second we were engaged I did not start looking at dresses, I started with the shoes. So I have been on the search and have come across a couple. First it was this pair

The Lavender Poseidon at Barneys.com. Gorgeous by for $1200 but they were not perfect.

Then there were these, which definitely got a Holy Cow! when I saw them pop up on NeimanMarcus.com

Once I saw them in person they were a little less purple though and more magenta so I kind of gave up on those.

Now I have found these
I randomly came across these on this site: http://forum.purseblog.com/ and someone had posted them. These would be absolutely perfect and totally what I had in mind. The $1700 price tag though, not so much. Plus on top of it these were a spring shoe especially for the South Coast Plaza boutique, so this lizard is probably extinct. Hmmm I guess I could always e-mail the boutique just out of curiosity...


bananas. said...

oh lady you better get those now! that way you can practice walking down the aisle without tripping over your gorgeous heels.

lurve 'em!!!

Holly said...

go to foot candy in walnut creek!!