I have been trying to think of decorating ideas and ideas for the direction I want our wedding to go but as of lately I have been feeling really just blah about it all. I see endless pictures that I love, but none have anything to do with the other, so as far as trying to see the direction that all these pictures that I like, it gets me nowhere. See that sentence is a bunch of mumbo jumbo too. I have no direction these days with where things are going, job selections seem little to none, I cannot put together how I want the house to look (not even a single room) and the weddings plans, not progressing. Well at least I have the Real Housewives of New Jersey, ahhhhh how "great" life can be.

I know, I know eventually everything will come together, but for now, my life is half complete. Just need to find the pieces to complete puzzle.


Valerie said...

I remember feeling like that when I first started planning my wedding too. All the wedding magazines (especially Martha Stewart) helped me so much though! Good luck!


Holly said...

take a lil break and come back to it. i understand though, my wedding inspiratio folder has so many different themes that dont connect either!

Marcie said...

That happens. When I planned my wedding, I definitely had days/weeks of block on my creativity.

Hang in there.