Nothing new nothing fun

Exactly my life. Work blows, yes I lived in it for a couple days, loving the lack of anything to do. Now I am bored out of my mind! Tomorrow I have another interview, this is number 3, but I am so done with this already. Not something I wanted to be doing at this point, and it just sucks, it is hard to get excited about possible opportunities when that is not something that I really want right now. So another interview tomorrow, I found out today that interview #2 wants me to come back in to interview with the owner and the staff that would be working for me, which is good news but then again uggghhhh, I just want it all to end.

This weekend, nothing exciting, I am going to try a new project for the house, still on the search for the perfect mirror for the hallway. Hopefully with the interview process my motivation is starting to come back, I need something to move me forward!

Nothing fun, nothing pretty today. Sorry dolls. Here is to moving forward with everything in life!

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Kristin said...

Fingers crossed for ya lady. Hopefully you'll score something fabulous soon!