Interview Time

So tomorrow morning I have my first of what I am sure to be many interviews that I will have. As I noted here, my company is being acquired so I will be out of a job. So I need some interview clothes, I have not bought a new suit since 2004, yep it has been THAT long. The thing that is a little rough is that due to my field it is a very suit oriented interview, there is no expressing yourself with trying to change it up or do anything other than your standard suit and blouse.

So now it is finding something, and quick since it is tomorrow at 8 a.m. My first stop was of course Banana Republic to see if they had anything. Nope, nada, except for the summer cotton suits which for interview situation, not the best. JCrew, can't do, their pants are not a fit. So at lunch it is off to Saks, maybe Theory will have something that works. This sucks, I much rather be trying these on (all pictures from saks.com):
Oh CL you make my heart go pitter patter.

Dior do no wrong. Seriously the gold and the black together, delish.

I have been in love with Chloe wedges for awhile now, and yes this is where my dog's name came from.

I dream of YSL (all the time).

I have seriously had a hankering for a new pair of gorgeous/fun shoes for awhile now and yet the only pair I will allow myself to spend any significant amount of money on at this time is the pair I will wear on our wedding day. And yet, I cannot find something that I truly love/must have for that day so I refuse to settle and keep looking. I need a serious shoe fairy to pop up and point me to shoe heaven to find the perfect pair.

Starting this afternoon, M is out of town for a bachelor party and I get the house to myself. I have a few craft projects in mind that I want to get done and a barbecue for my cousin who is being deployed. Ahhhh a quiet house for all the girly t.v. I want.

The dog count for this week:
1. 2 hats
2. plant
3. electrical cord on the fan
Yep eaten all of that, lets just hope she keeps pooping. She has definitely turned into a little rascal.


Marcie said...

Those nude shorts are amazing! I just love CL shoes.


Alicia said...

So did you find a suit?! I think Theory has the best ones. And those cream colored Loubitons are perfect. Love them! :) ps: I read a few posts down that you're all about the wedding shoes and I am SO all about the shoes. Not so much the dress.

Kristin said...

I hope your interview went well! And those YSLs are amazing!

Nicola-x said...

Those first nude shoes are amazing! I want them so much! :) Great blog x