I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! For me it was oh so lovely. Saturday was a pretty low key day, dog park, church and then to my parents to prepare for father's day. It was a fun low key night, with ice cream sundaes done up just like we used to. I would say somewhere along the lines of the deliciousness except times ten (when it comes to my family our serving size for ice cream has us go through about a gallon of it).
(image from google image)

On Sunday my sisters and I took my Dad down the Russian River like this:
(image from sfgate.com)

Pictures that we took to come... talk about a back work out. Between my shoulder blades are KILLING me. I am so sore but we had a great time. My Dad had a blast next time I will probably bring Chloe with us (not this time since I was not sure how she would react and is not "properly" trained yet. After the river we headed back to my parents for a good steak dinner and banana pudding. Such a good day. Now on to what will be another looooonnnnggg week. Happy Monday!

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Kristin said...

I am now craving a giant sundae! That sounds like a fabulous weekend!