Is it Friday yet?

Ok so I am soooo ready for the weekend. As I sit here at my desk I am watching Tuesdays episode of The Hills. Why? Because I am so bored I want to scratch my eyes out. Yes, I really shouldn't complain but it has been like this for two weeks now, my day is never ending. My check book is balanced, calendar is updated and every single blog has been read ) probably every blog in the universe too). So how do I get something written on my blog, well considering how boring my life is right now, I haven't the faintest idea.

Well here is a little more wedding crap. I seriously cannot make up my mind when it comes to dresses for my sisters. Purple is our wedding color, a bright purple, something along the lines of this (from pantone.com):
The only problem is I think dresses is in this color is a bit much for my liking. So I have been looking at a grey (not heather grey) and thinking having them where a cardigan in the purple would be a lot of fun. Then I moved on to navy blue for the dress with the purple cardigan on top. One thing for sure is I want it to be a sundress.

So my reasoning for giving you this whole long spiel is because I need help (M just says "whatever you want" no not whatever I want I need help!).  So what are your thoughts. Here are 2 dresses I was looking at (the first is anntaylorloft.com and the second and third is anthropologie.com (in two different shades of blue).
I am also on the search for the color purple cardigan I would like, the closest I have found thus far was on oldnavy.com like this. My default is to go with a pashmina if I cannot ever find the purple just right since those are available in a million and one colors. So please help, let me know your thoughts.


Valerie said...

Purple has always been one of my favorite colors and I love the shade you chose! Those dresses are all amazing and I'd be happy to wear any of them as a bridesmaid. The second one (halter) might be my favorite. And the purple cardigan from Old Navy is adorable. I also just saw one at Gap yesterday that was on sale and really cute (I bought it in two colors). Here's the link:


Good luck and keep us posted!


Valerie said...

I forgot to say that I had a good laugh over your comment! Red vines for breakfast really starts the day off right! Haha. :)


Marcie said...

Kristen, I have to laugh out loud at your post! I watch the hills or the city from my desk sometimes too! haha.

It's almost the weekend!!