Fit for a king

So this past weekend I picked up a ceramic garden stool for sixteen whole dollars and I log in today to One Kings Lane and what to my surprise? Garden stools! Only guess what I got my still about 80% cheaper then they were on OKL.  Ummmmm score one for me.

This past Monday I was at the vet with Chloe AGAIN. She had been sneezing repeatedly over and over so in we went. Turns out she didn't have anything up her nose but it was inflamed, another $400 later. Seriously dog, most expensive dog ever!

I think I might of finally gotten somewhere wedding wise with M! We are in process of making a decision on centerpieces. I was the one who really didn't want to spend any money on centerpieces, sure pretty weddings are particularly awesome but for me it is not about being pretty. M on the other hand really wants things like centerpieces and flowers, the flowers for me is a big waste of money. So I am thinking vases like this (they have a couple different designs)
(image from lunabazaar.com)
Then do simple baby's breath and then maybe some tea light candles inside mason jars. Or maybe do various size mason jars and the candle inside is based on the size of the mason jar? Thoughts please. Would be great to have a total plan figured out before I chatted M up and convinced him.



Kristin said...

They are forever tempting me! Love the idea of tea lights in mason jars!

Alicia said...

ohhhh so cute! i love the ideas of using jars! have you seen the blog chloe and luna? she has the CUTEST decor ideas for weddings!

Kristin said...

I give up...where did the name come from?