Frogs and snails and puppy-dog tails.

That's what little boys are made of. Big boys you say? Well they are made of frogs and snails and procrastination.  Yep M is a major procrastinator when it comes to all things he even considers girly, example, everything wedding related. (Full disclosure you may choose to leave as most of this relates to that said wedding).

So six months ago when we booked our location I asked him if the church we had gone to together was the one he wanted to register at (we need to register to attend Pre-Cana in order to be married in the church), he said yes and so we continued about our lives. Skip ahead a couple months to actually picking up the registration packet and he decides nope, not the church from him. Excuse me?!?! Well then you find one! Still a month or so later now nothing has been decided.
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Oh and he also didn't like the save the dates that I came up with so he is also now supposed to figure that out. M is a true believer in the phrase "whatever you want honey" and then turning around after and not liking it and changing it around after I put the effort into it. List of things that he decided to veto after I decided and he finally gave his input on.
1. Bridesmaids carrying clutches instead of flowers.
2. Decorations
3. Save the Dates
4. "Appetizers"
5. Kinda the most important the bridal party size (myself am only having 2, my sisters, he wants more but feels the need to have them even on both sides)

Needless to say I am about ready to give up or just make the decision and pull the trigger. And he wonders why there are some things I just do and tell him after (sort of like when I called the garage repair man to come replace the spring because after a month he still had not ordered the part). 

Ok I am off my high horse, now off to find purple ties and socks... so long lovelies!


Tiffany said...

this is why i love the husband. when he leaves things up to me they are truly up to me. which sometimes means i do everything. and by sometimes i mean, 99% of the time. oy.

bananas. said...

geez! i never heard of a guy who that much say about a wedding. doesn't he know...it's YOUR day? haha.

Holly said...

oof! we feel your pain

Valerie said...

Oh, the wedding planning is rough. I have a friend who says it's a whole process to make sure you can handle being married, because if you can get through this part, you can get through anything! My husband pulled a lot of the same stuff when we were planning and then I stopped asking his opinion. Ha! I knew the things he truly cared about and consulted him on those, but everything else I took into my own hands. Good luck!