Miss Cupcake

So I have some pictures from cupcake class! I also highly recommend it.  So its a bit pricey but you also walk out with about $50 in cupcakes so yeah my co-workers loved me. I previously talked about my sisters taking me to class as an engagement gift, so they decided that I needed an apron to go along with the class.
Future Mrs is what it says and I have cupcakes all over it. So I had to do a pose since we sent the picture off to M since I knew he would get a kick out of it. Yep he is a bit of a mush. So in class we learned how to make the vanilla cupcake, chocolate sour cream cupcake, vanilla frosting and cream cheese frosting.  We also got the recipes to take home and a bunch of goodies. Super fun, totally recommend.  Here is picture of the end of it all with our "teacher".
Ugghhh drives me bananas that I am the shortest, where did the little sister get her long legs jeans?

The weekend was pretty great, Saturday I ran over to Home Goods to find some finds for the house and then headed to TJ Max where I found this.
Chloe now has a "camelback" too. Well not really a camelback but she has a backpack and can now carry her own water when we hike. We are going to have an adjustment period because she just stood there after I put it on and refused to walk.  She looked at me like she thought she was incapable of walking with it on. On Sunday we went over to Point Isabel for Chloe and my sister's dog Layla to go swimming. Super great area for dogs, it is off leash and they can go into the Bay, so we threw some sticks in the water and off they went for them. We also got her a pool this weekend. So fun for future hot days.

Alright enough already, I could go on and on about my dog child. So signing off... Cheers!


Valerie said...

This looks so fun! I love your adorable apron. I've always wanted to take a class like this. Thanks for sharing the details with us. Chocolate sour cream cupcakes sound amazing!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww...your dog is so adorable. Oh and your apron is super cute. I wish you could have taken a picture of those cupcakes you guys baked. They must've been really good. =)

Melissa said...

Oh, my! A cupcake class?!? That sounds like such fun.

Holly said...

i might have to go here! i took a cupcake class at Spun Sugar in Berkeley which was awesome.

and to answer your question, my bday cupcake was from wc baking company, which has been around for awhile. so, whats this new cpcake place?! i must know!!

Maubrey said...

this is a good post with cool snaps of and so fabulous...

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