Ppphhhheeewwww, whirlwind weekend.

What a weekend!!! Taking off early Friday was awesome! I got home, relaxed, cuddled with the pup and started the crock pot with some delish chicken for dinner.  When M got home we took off for the open space for some QT with Chloe.

We have such great open space around us and Chloe is able to run around like a crazy girl off-leash. Which is a good thing, especially since what happened at our local dog park last week. Craziness I tell you!
On Saturday we had a quiet morning and then I took Chloe to her dog class in the afternoon. After class we went and picked up a life vest for her (for our canoeing and camping trip).  After that I made a few errands and found this beauty at Big Lots.

Seriously found this for $14.00, the color works great for the guest room right now since it is teal, but because it will  belong outside I plan to paint it green to go with some of our outdoor stuff. I also started another project for the backyard so more to come later on that.

Sunday was a "day of rest" well not really, we headed to church Sunday morning and I think we actually found one to register at so now its just moving forward with it. I also went to do a little dress shopping with the Mamasita and sisters and then came home and drank some margaritas. Seriously if you want to go the easy route but deliciousness of fresh home made margaritas try Tommy's.
(source: google image)
And while drinking some deliciousness the little sister helped me figure out the next center piece proposal to throw M's way. Hope everyone's weekend went well and here's to a hopefully good week!


Nicole Marie said...

aww pupppyyy

Kristin said...

1. Chloe is pretttttttty. 2. I big puffy heart her name!

Valerie said...

AWww, Chloe is adorable! Sounds like a great weekend.


Blicious said...

cute pics! love your puppy!