Just one of those days

Today was a little weird, but not really weird just uncommon. Started the day with the Controller of the acquiring company coming up to me and asking to speak with me at some point during the day.  FINALLY! A little more details. Well when we met it was not really any new details just confirmation from the other side of what I already knew.

The hard thing is, what to do. If I wait it out until September the severance and stay bonus could be really helpful as we are planning our wedding and STILL paying Chloe's vet bills, oh and we both need new cars. But if I cannot find a job after then we could really burn through the money quite quickly. So the decision, how do I make it? Any suggestions?

The end of the day we were out of there by 4 pm. So was everyone else in San Francisco and Oakland. I do not think I have ever seen Bart that busy. The reason the Mehserle trial. For those who maybe are not Bay Area peeps this is a trial that was caused by a New Years killing of a man by a Bart police officer (Mehserle). It has been a big thing and last year there were some serious riots and a lot of disruption. So when people found out the verdict was being read people high tailed their way out of work to catch bart in case of any further riots. Anyways the long winded story of a day.

Ok so going to stop before I just keep going and going. So tooddllees. Would really love to hear thoughts on the job deal though!!

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bananas. said...

eek! sounds like a tough decision. personally i would stick around for the severance package. you deserve it after all.