Wedding Bells

No not mine yet, but M and I were in our good friends wedding this past weekend so I have been a little off the map celebrating and then recuperating from this past weekend. Pictures will come but probably not until I see everyone elses, or the professional since I certainly did not take any. It was a wonderful weekend and so full of fun.  Their rehearsal dinner was held at Campo di Bocce. If you are in the Bay Area and want a fun way to have dinner, it was a ton of fun.  The grooms parents set up a bocce tournament and picked names out of a hat. I had the grooms dad as a member of my team and M had the grooms mom. Crazy thing is we were the two teams who went to the championship. Saturday was the wedding and it was a veryyyyy long day. Sunday nap time! So lucky to have Miss Chloe stay with my sister because she was worn out from playing with her cousin and very kindly let me sleep all afternoon.

So yesterday I found the goody spin pin! I have been looking for these since I saw the commercial for them and finally found them at Walgreens yesterday.
Thus far I have to rate them really high. They are awesome. I have a ton of hair and a couple bobby pins never do the trick, well these do it for me, I really like them now and will probably use these going forward instead of throwing my hair in a pony tail. Magic!

Well not much else now, heading to get some fro-yo now though.  YUM!!!

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