Tuesday is the new Monday

Yep that is seriously my thought on today. Not liking being here at work right now. So glad I am off in a few to go to cupcake class.  Yeah you heard me right, cupcake class, tonight from 5-8 I will be making some of this delishness

Since M and I have dealt with 2 moves, busy season at work and all his travel for work my sisters could not find a weekend to throw us an engagement party. So since they couldn't buckle a day they are being so awesome and taking me to teacake to take their cupcake class tonight. Of course you get to walk away with cupcakes in hand too! So today may have been a little lame but at least tonight will rock! Now only if they served champagne while we were baking... Suggestion Box!


Valerie said...

Oh wow, this sounds so great! I want to hear all about this cupcake class. How fun is that!? Especially if there's champagne involved. Those are two of my favorite things in the world, especially when paired together!


Kristin said...

Seriously??? Cupcake class? WHY don't they have one in Tampa??? Ahhhhhh!

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