I never..

Remember that game from college where you all sit in the group and go in the circle and note something you have never done and those who have drink. Wow its been awhile and I am pretty sure I would be drinking a lot more these days then I would have in college, but then again isn't that what life brings you?

Anyways the real I never is I never want to move again, either that or I plan on hiring movers. This weekend was dreadful, a 100 degree weekend and we had to move. Yuck! Currently we cannot move through the living room because it is full of crap.  M and I are starting to go through things that are doubled up and we (being me) has decided that we are going to donate some his old sheets and towels that have holes in them. So this Saturday I am going to take a trip to the pound to donate all the old stuff (if you have old towels or sheets, pillow cases, etc. take the to your local animal shelter they can always use them). M told me I couldn't come home with a new friend though :(

I do wish this was the last move but it isn't, hopefully soon we will find a house and that will be the last move for sometime. The positive, a walk in closet, LOVE!

More to come as it was Oktoberfest this weekend and a friends barbque and plenty of this:

Hopefully I will return to normal internet usage soon, I hate not having an internet connection at home.
"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


bananas. said...

blue ribbon?! hahaha. too funny. i guess we all have out beers. plus it's good for stress relief during a move.

bananas. said...

our not out.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I've never had PBR!! TRAVESTY, right?

Thanks for the support lady!

Kristin said...

Wow, would my hubs love you! PBR runs through his veins. Ah ha