A girls other best friend

So I have been craving some really good Norwegian chocolate and cannot for the life of me find what I am looking for. There is just something about really great creamy Norwegian chocolate. So I settled for some swiss chocolate from Teuscher. Well what I did not know prior to going in is that their house specialty is Champagne Truffles

Well of course I love me some bubbly so I had to try them, OMG!! So good, and then the guy tells me that they are made with Dom Perignon. WHAT?!?! No wonder they were like $3.50 a truffle. I started to think since it was the work day and all, how many could I eat until it would feel as if I had been drinking Dom? Probably after I got sick from eating to many. Well after my trip and $20 later I got back to the office with this:

2 champagne truffles
1 coffee chocolate
1 milk chocolate with praline
1 chocolate with chili pepper
1 mint chocolate

And of course I sat at had a try of all of them

Favorites: obviously the truffle and also the praline

Uggghhh, I am having serious candy cravings this week.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel


bananas. said...

truffles for $3.50...each? dang girl you don't mess around and i can see why. those chocolates are so pretty in their colorful packages. hope you enjoyed your afternoon of chocolate overload.

bananas. said...

re: jason kidd...

yea and he's SOOOOO not cute. plus didn't he beat his wife or something?

i picked a real winner...lol.