Wishing for...

A new pair of Louboutins. I am currently coveting many of the finest by CL, always droolworthy.

Loving all things platform right now and these Biancas scream out to me, buy me buy me!

The ever classic grey (also the classic CL pump, Simple), can be used for anything a black one would, plus so much more! although I would definitely want them in the 100 mm and not 85.

The second these come in a red or purple satin, I will be all over them.

And these pony hair just make me want to scream...

All pictures came from saks.com or barneys.com (shoes are also available there)

All of the shoes above make me want to go back to my credit card abusing irresponsible hayday. If I won the lottery you ladies would know exactly where to find me.

By the way I am totally excited,. over the last couple days I had two more new boos. Miss Unbeweavable and Mrs. KLaw I am so excited because I have been following these lovely ladies for awhile and are awesome! Thanks ladies for being my boos.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." - Coco Chanel

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Summer said...

Lovin the lou-lou's!!! Have you seen the ballet ones? Freaking TO DIE for!